They are like jewels salvaged from the modern world
transformed into icons of glistening beauty.


Each sculpture is an original creation incorporating authentic found objects or amethyst and quartz crystals.

These beautiful, small wall-mounted sculptures give

off a soft and radiant glow that will bring life and

energy to any home, or as a gift for someone you love.

(Other Flaming Hearts available. Customized also).



Flaming Heart: Measuring Mona (Cobalt)
Aluminum, brass, argon gas in glass tubing,
Mona knobs, brass ruler. Price: SOLD
Flaming Heart: Venus V
Aluminum, brass, argon & gas in glass tubing, found objects. Price: SOLD
Flaming Heart: Measuring a Panther

Aluminum, brass, argon gas in glass tubing, antique calipers,
panther brooch.

Price: SOLD


Virgin Flaming Heart
aluminum, brass,argon gas in glass tubing, steel Virgin of Guadalupe, chrome flame
Price: SOLD





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