Like the Impressionists whose concern with light was the inspiration for their paintings, Lakich explores the ranscendent and spiritual qualities of light through a contemporary medium. She compares the ability of neon to portray imagery that glows from itself to religious iconography of various cultures—from Byzantine images of Jesus in gold leaf to the Buddha enveloped in brightly painted fire.
     Saving Grace II demonstrates the rich complexity of color Lakich achieves through the use of back glow. Phosphor tubes attached to the backside of the work spread an aura of colored light around the figure. Suspended in a glow that echoes the colors on the surface, Saving Grace II becomes the exhuberant spiritual presence it invokes.
Saving Grace II
Aluminum, copper, brass;
argon, neon and helium gases in glass tubing, neon crackle tube
60 x 48 x 10 in (152 x 122 x 25 cm)

Lakich Studio

Neon Sculpture