For those who have neither love for the medium nor understanding of its possibilities, Las Vegas is a convenient target. For those who love the medium Las Vegas is enchantment.

It lights the grand stage on which the American Dream has been playing to a full house since World War II.
The neon mecca of the West, Las Vegas has re-invented itself so many time over the last 50 years that very little of the original city remains. Two signs that do remain constant, however, are Vegas Vic atop the Pioneer Club and this cowgirl atop Glitter Gulch.

One of the most beautifully drawn and designed signs, it was built by Ad Art in the 1950s. While absolutely gorgeous at night, it is interesting by day as well.

Las Vegas sells the American Dream. Its service is fantasy and neon embellishes it. The Strip is America’s ultimate neonized boulevard. Las Vegas has always used neon as one of the available local building materials, and neon has been a vital element in its freewheeling, exhuberant architecture. Neon has given the city its visual identity and style.